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Are You Offended?

Let’s face it, for those who know me, this kind of article was inevitable. Nowadays, everything is offensive. You can’t walk down the street or, more likely, scroll through social media, without coming across someone who is offended by something. No matter if it is a product, a show, or a person; people seem to be offended by everything these days. People

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Am I The Only One?

I can’t be the only one who hates carrying around too many one dollar bills. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a few singles from time to time. They come in handy; when you want to grab a quick beverage from a corner store or leave a tip for your bartender. I bring this up because, just the other day for

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Group chats are one of the worst features to be invented for the cellphone. They are annoying, a nuisance, and I do not like them. With group chats, it’s basically a chat room through texting. Everyone that you add to the chat can send a message whenever they want, and another person in the chat can respond as well. They

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