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Punch Card Punch Out

If you haven’t read in Kellen’s latest article, he called me out for not being a fan of the traditional punch card. (Kellen’s Last Article) You know what? I stand by my¬†opinion that punch cards; especially the old school paper ones you have to keep in your wallet or purse, are a pain in the butt! And I, for one,

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When You Are Offered A Punch Card At A Store, You Should ALWAYS Accept It!

Sadly, the “punch card” has become a dying art form in recent years. With the rise in the use of apps and various other digital coupons, businesses have found less of a need for these beautiful creations. However, I think they are a fantastic thing. More companies should learn from their predecessors of yesteryear, and bring back the “punch cards”

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Shopping On A Holiday

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day; that time of year to celebrate your mother. It was that time of the year where you thank her for everything she has ever done for you, whether it’s getting you through school, taking care of you when you were sick, and everything in between. But the one thing Mother’s Day is not for

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A Well Dressed Man

A well-dressed man is a proper man, a gentleman, and a smart man. No matter if it is an interview or a night out with that special someone, a man should take pride in the way he looks. All shapes and sizes of men look good in suits. A proper suit and a proper wardrobe can make a man feel

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